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Album Collaborators

Martha Rose

Martha Rose is an incredible guitarist and fiddle player. We were lucky enough to have her playing grace our newest record. Listen to her solo music here:

Leonard Kaage

Leo Helped produce and record our record, and his advice was invaluable.

Chelsea Granger

Chelsea is an artist currently based out of Northampton, MA. Chelsea made the artwork for To The Hollow Night, and has a beautiful assemblage of other works available for viewing at her blog.
Chelsea Granger

Olana Flynn

Olana is a dear and talented friend of ours who is working with us in choreography and video work.
Olana Flynn

Musical Friends

Music Was My First Gay Lover
Butcher Boy
Tinsel Teeth
Ritual Tapes
Trans Planet Radio
Lonesome Leash
Squinch Owl
Travis Sehorn
G. Zarapenecko/An Historic
Savage Wasteland/Ramshackle Glory
What Cheer? Brigade
Birthquake Records
Gay Panic
Thy Courage Quail
Thorn & Shout
Wood Spider
Told Slant
Cud Eastbound
Fairy Boy & The Official Suckers
Snail Party

Groups and Projects

Folk Routes

Beehive Design Collective

Bright Hollow Medicinals

Artists Without a Cause

Food for Thought Books (RIP)

the Greenhorns

Noisy Square

Tactical Technology Collective


Budapest Hacker Space

Read the News

Democracy Now!

Global Voices


This list is continually being added to.

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