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We support Gaza

Hi all,

We have decided to make To The Hollow Night a free download. This
decision has been spurred on by a few factors, though is mainly in response to the unacceptable violence in Gaza.

As musicians, we simply do not feel comfortable taking money currently for work that we were able to make out of our privilege of not living in war torn parts of the world. Instead, we live in countries that benefit structurally from the military superpowers who are oppressing and supporting oppression financially, culturally, and militarily.

For this reason, we believe the least we can do is make the small bits of joy we can find in music free and accessible.

If you were thinking of giving us money for our album, please consider giving your support and money to the people of Gaza and Palestine instead, who have a wealth of music and art of their own, whose right to live their lives with richness and creativity is being stolen from them through the bombing of their schools, hospitals, and homes in what can only be fairly called a genocide or ethnic cleansing.

Here is some more information:

Here is a link to donate to legal defense, accountability for war crimes, and emergency aid for of gaza:

And if you cannot give monetary aid currently, please consider
supporting BDS (a boycott movement supported by almost every civil
society in palestine):

Thank you.

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